Montag, Juni 22, 2009

random thoughts

... I will be buying the new MacBook Pro, 15 inch. my first mac, and I am not even really convinced that I'll be happy with it. but everybody tells me it's more than a hype, more than design, really good. let's see. I can still go back to some "wurst und brot maschine" later...

... and my laptop here is really going nuts. it keeps shutting off in the middle of anything or nothing, and sometimes I don't even manage to get it started again. time for a new one.

... work is fantastic. it was worth coming back to switzerland for it. will have news soon, but cannot post about it yet.

... I've just spent three weeks in argentina. the meat is just extraordinary. otherwise, it confirmed once again the old wisdom, Earth is a beautiful planet, no matter where you go.

... facebook is great, but the bad thing about it is, that it stretches transparency to a point that people forget about privacy and decency. some become utmost childish, and cancel u from their friends list - the low point is reached if u send a message with the finish line "have a nice life"... childish, indeed. where have the good old times gone, where u just stopped interacting with someone? or, if u really felt the need to say something, you would choose to say it to the persons face? but maybe those times never really existed. who cares :-)

... it love facebook status updates, though. I just wrote yesterday that I am thinking about the issue of PMC - private military companies -, the good and bad aspects about it. got a few reactions from friends. one white, one black, one making fun of it.

... I am glad that I can entertain myself by thinking about issues, looking at different angles, trying to argue for and against things. sometimes I don't like that I have arguments for the side I am actually not on with my heart. gotta find arguments there why to follow your heart or head in such cases...

... another interesting thing, I discovered lately that of the seven sins, there is one that does not apply to me at all. but then again, I don't even manage to list the seven sins... lust, voellerei, geiz, neid, wut (wrath), ... ehm... hochmut, faulheit.... guess which one does not apply at all.... of the others I am more or less guilty more or less often :-)

... I have this blog almost exclusively to talk to hafez and worldman, a little bit for Peter Casier and Benedikt. don't think that anybody else ever looks at it for more than a fleet second. that's okay :-)


Peter (Worldman): hat gesagt…

That is quite a number of thoughts. I have some "food" re notebooks. There is a controversy about "normal" ones and Mac ones. Me, I always stuck with the first. Since years. And it always worked fine. My son bought a Mac something for 1'500 CHF. It looks great. But after a year or so, he had to change the mastercard. For 700 francs.

Six 6 years ago, I bought a HP Pavilion. With Windows XP. A great notebook. And I worked a lot with it. Everytime I was at home. I love(d) it. But to travel, I bought an HP 2133 Mini Notebook. For 600 CHF. With a 100 G harddisk. And Linux operating system. Because I did not want Vista. Now Linux is quite ok, but it has the disadvantage that you need to be a bit more "Technical". The great thing is that it weighs only 1.2 kg and the keyboard is 92 % of the size of a normal keyboard.

But, since about 6 month my Pavilion starts to make troubles, a bit like you have. Which is normal after 6 years. It did not just shut down, but to start it up and to be ready to use it, I have to wait close to 30 minutes. Which, of course, drives me nuts. So, I needed to buy a new one. And you get good "machines" for not to expensive. But with Vista. So, I decided to wait for Windows Seven to come.

And then: I saw another mini notebook: The Acer One. With XP. At Swisscom. For 650 CHF. I got it, being a customer, for 450 CHF. It weighs 1 kg. It has a 130 G hard disk. And you can put a SIM card in it and hook up from anywhere. Exactly what I need.

I could make a long story on this. I just say it is great.

The only disadavantage with mini notebooks is that they do not have a DVD/CD Rom drive. SO, if you want to install your (my) printer and scanner, you cannot use the disks. But you can download the drivers anyway.

The main issue for me is that it does not matter if you buy classic, Mac or Mini notebooks. I just wonder why they still make desktop computers.

Because notebook are great. You go, you buy, you come home, you unpack and you need only two cables: The power and the internet line. So no "Kabelsalat". Unless you have 5 printers and other attachments.

Phil hat gesagt…

"don't think that anybody else ever looks at it for more than a fleet second. that's okay :-)"

Well, I look in. Nothing much for a while (I do that too on my blog), now some activity :-)

You are my neighbour in the global village. Good neighbours try to understand when you are busy, have other things that need attention, or you just may want some time out.