Sonntag, Juni 28, 2009

something I like to share with all the people reading my blog. just because.

thanks to the ones reading my blog that I did not mention in my last post.

a "scusi" to Phil from practicality blog. haven't been visiting u for ages, but I did catch up now. sorry to hear about your loss.

myself, I just lost my godfather. he had a heart attack last year, got a bypass, there were complications, he was in intense care for weeks, they had to take his leg off, he got an artificial leg and went into rehab. he was pretty happy there at first, laughing at the psychologist, having a good time. then the shock set in, about not recovering as speedy as expected, about having lost the leg, about not being able to join carneval except for a lousy afternoon in a wheelchair.

then there were complications again, and he recently died of Blutvergiftung - poisoned blood, kinda.

he was always a heavy smoker, always up for a good laugh, full of energy, passionate for BMW, and carneval in Basel were the three days a year he gave loads of energy to. the rest was diving, reading, driving, drinking, enjoying life.

the thing that troubles me is not so much that he went away now. he had a good life. his wife will manage - though in grief, she manages already now. but to know that at the hospital, they messed things up... that there are different departments treating different sicknesses, and that they neither care nor are forced to interact with each other. one doctor actually said, "we were so focused on his leg, we forgot to treat him for his heart as well".

I guess it happens. it probably happens far more often than any of us would ever want to know. that we perfect one thing, but forget about the other. it's an old wisdom, that good doctors treat their patient as one person with heart and soul, with personality and biological characteristics. we also know that in today's world, this is not the case unless you pay a fortune for your own private clinic. I know that in Western Europe we are still immensely privileged to even have doctors treating you.

just wanted to share with you. not going anywhere specific, except perhaps... hmm, getting a lesson out of the story... be there for people in need, so they will be there when you need them. eg, to speak up at the bedside and protest against a god in white who just read your patient history for the first time.

Montag, Juni 22, 2009

random thoughts

... I will be buying the new MacBook Pro, 15 inch. my first mac, and I am not even really convinced that I'll be happy with it. but everybody tells me it's more than a hype, more than design, really good. let's see. I can still go back to some "wurst und brot maschine" later...

... and my laptop here is really going nuts. it keeps shutting off in the middle of anything or nothing, and sometimes I don't even manage to get it started again. time for a new one.

... work is fantastic. it was worth coming back to switzerland for it. will have news soon, but cannot post about it yet.

... I've just spent three weeks in argentina. the meat is just extraordinary. otherwise, it confirmed once again the old wisdom, Earth is a beautiful planet, no matter where you go.

... facebook is great, but the bad thing about it is, that it stretches transparency to a point that people forget about privacy and decency. some become utmost childish, and cancel u from their friends list - the low point is reached if u send a message with the finish line "have a nice life"... childish, indeed. where have the good old times gone, where u just stopped interacting with someone? or, if u really felt the need to say something, you would choose to say it to the persons face? but maybe those times never really existed. who cares :-)

... it love facebook status updates, though. I just wrote yesterday that I am thinking about the issue of PMC - private military companies -, the good and bad aspects about it. got a few reactions from friends. one white, one black, one making fun of it.

... I am glad that I can entertain myself by thinking about issues, looking at different angles, trying to argue for and against things. sometimes I don't like that I have arguments for the side I am actually not on with my heart. gotta find arguments there why to follow your heart or head in such cases...

... another interesting thing, I discovered lately that of the seven sins, there is one that does not apply to me at all. but then again, I don't even manage to list the seven sins... lust, voellerei, geiz, neid, wut (wrath), ... ehm... hochmut, faulheit.... guess which one does not apply at all.... of the others I am more or less guilty more or less often :-)

... I have this blog almost exclusively to talk to hafez and worldman, a little bit for Peter Casier and Benedikt. don't think that anybody else ever looks at it for more than a fleet second. that's okay :-)

Samstag, Juni 20, 2009

I don't seem to manage to embed this thingy... what I want to say is


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