Montag, März 30, 2009

no reason to complain at all

job is almost as good as on paper

found the absolutely fantastic great apartement I was dreaming of (well, I did not exactly dream about apartements at any point in my life so far, and Bern would not be the place either, but still)

having a fabulous time with my parents

looking forward to visiting Argentina for almost three weeks, together with the best travel partners I know (my parents)

loads of people are happy to have me around

I just miss New York... the City... miss it so much that when I think about it, it physically hurts. so, I am very successfully not thinking about it. really: it's not the people. one can be in touch from any place with people all around the globe. it's not the culture, there are things to do here as well. it is just the vibe of this city. god, I never loved a place that way before...

otherwise, no reason to complain at all. trying not to be ungrateful, trying not to complain as there is no reason to, it's just a few minor turbulences entering the atmosphere again :-)

Dienstag, März 10, 2009

welcome back Hafez!

du solltest an die Jahrestagung der Humanitären Hilfe kommen, Freitag 28. März!