Montag, Februar 09, 2009

looking forward to getting home again

time to leave :-) still not time to settle down!

New York is the one city, and I will dearly miss its diversity and possibilities. I will also miss some very good friends.

but all in all, I want to move on. and going home is a nice perspective for the next about 3 years.

"home is the place where you know you are loved" - so it is several spots on this world that live up to this description for me, but Basel/Bern is gonna be a particular strong love spot :-)


Peter (Worldman): hat gesagt…


"Shtëpia ësthe atje ku e ke zemrën".

Home is where your heart is.

Which means that you have many homes. Me too.

Hafez hat gesagt…

oh,... in this case: mire se vini ne Svizres

Hafez hat gesagt…

es gibt hier auch donuts bei cindy's