Mittwoch, Februar 25, 2009

maybe I should avoid the news

talking about the news in Switzerland, the Tagesschau, 10 vor 10, BaZ and other mediocre sources.

You spend a lot of time with biased, pre-judged and narrow-minded selection of news, strangely presented. It doesn't surprise me that Switzerland is not half as open, democratic and value-based as it claims to be. I even understand how it happens, and I find it difficult not to be sucked into the same dull but strong stream.

my problem is just, I am not happy with left or right either. I just miss individual thinking, tolerance without accepting everything. I perceive it as so swiss to teach all the time, everything has to make sense, and it is very clearly defined what goes and what not. 

I am so happy meeting all my friends here back home, and I look forward to my job, but I am a bit scared that I might re-integrate too much and become another Besserwisser...

Dienstag, Februar 17, 2009

a bit bumpy, but not too bad

the title is the description of my re-integration process back home :-)

I do feel a little home sick for new york. I only realised now how much I love new york. that is not a big surprise. I am generally rather slow on the emotions side, on realising who would make a great friend, or even realising that the guy(s) I spend time with are growing on me. I hardly ever get what I mean to others, unless they tell me straight forward - which happens at times, but not often enough :-)

that is why it is so good to have farewells... it makes you think about it, and say it, and it goes a two way road. it ends up, in my case, with feeling somewhat homesick at home. the curse and blessing of being home in several places!

I'm NOT complaining. I'm still doing fine. I am a little nervous though, I've been to the gynecologist before leaving NYC for routine check, and some tests were showing abnormal results, so I have to go again now to find out if it was just a emotional "Ausrutscher" (lol), or some minor infection to be treated, or even something potentially serious. Knowing myself, I did NOT google anything, NOT trying to find out what it could be, and buried myself in blissful ignorance.

so, integration at home is going fine enough, a little bumpy, but the real bumps I guess lie ahead. I'm gonna take them one at a time, with a little help from my friends.

Montag, Februar 09, 2009

looking forward to getting home again

time to leave :-) still not time to settle down!

New York is the one city, and I will dearly miss its diversity and possibilities. I will also miss some very good friends.

but all in all, I want to move on. and going home is a nice perspective for the next about 3 years.

"home is the place where you know you are loved" - so it is several spots on this world that live up to this description for me, but Basel/Bern is gonna be a particular strong love spot :-)