Donnerstag, Dezember 04, 2008

I feel pleased with that outcome.

We think is written by a man (62%).

this is what I found out using the Gender Analyzer site that Phil from Prac's Blog found somewhere in the world wild web :-) come on Hafez and Worldman and Travel Peter, try your blogs as well. guess with all the articles that Hafez is posting it will be a male outcome...

yeah, how do they want to determine it anyway? style of writing? short speech? being to the point? or even the amount of swear words vs. romantic expressions? I guess then I scored high on the male balance with my last post on Deadwood, though this serie has a beautifully crafted baroque language that is seeking its equal to day... ah I still fall miles short in my attempt to fuckin' brushing up my lingo.

btw, Phil, don't worry. Obama will do a fine job. McCain would have done a fine job as well. both are people that reach out over party boundaries, and both are end of the day not that different in policies - McCain never having been a typical Republican. too bad he chose such a horrible running mate... but anyway, time passes, challenges arise, and it is the job of more than one person to put things right. too bad that one person can fuck up quite a lot on his/her own, though.

good night, and good luck!


I can't believe it! Hafez got a 50% result, saying his blog is gender neutral, while Travel Peter gets 60% female and Worldman 63% female!!! now what is going on here? either the gender analyzer is screwed, or, I'm the only one with balls around here!!!



Peter hat gesagt…

I saw that: We guess is written by a woman (60%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Worldman's blog can not be more female than me... For christ sake, he has a MOUSTACHE!!!

Obviously that site does not analyze the author's pictures...



Peter (Worldman): hat gesagt…

Pumuckl, you are not the only one with balls. I just took a shower. But they still think I am a woman. Well, at least there is 38 % of man in me.

Hafez hat gesagt…

gender neutral,... wohl nicht schlecht