Montag, Dezember 29, 2008

very clear words from SG Ban Ki Moon on Gaza

Statement of the Secretary-General


I am deeply alarmed by the current escalation of violence in and
around Gaza. This is unacceptable.

I have been repeatedly condemning the rocket attacks by Hamas
militants against Israel. While recognizing Israel’s right to defend
itself, I have also condemned the excessive use of force by Israel in
Gaza. The suffering caused to civilian populations as a result of the
large-scale violence and destruction that have taken place over the past
few days has saddened me profoundly.

The frightening nature of what is happening on the ground, in
particular its effects on children -- who are more than half of the
population -- troubles me greatly. I have continuously stressed the need
for strict observance of international humanitarian law.

I am also pained at the death, injury and damage to United Nations
personnel and premises as well as to others associated with our

All this must stop. Both Israel and Hamas must halt their acts of
violence and take all necessary measures to avoid civilian casualties. A
ceasefire must be declared immediately. They must also curb their
inflammatory rhetoric.

Only then can dialogue start.

I think regional and international partners have not done enough.
They should do more. They should use all possible means to end the
violence and encourage political dialogue, emphasizing peaceful ways of
resolving differences.

Arab Foreign Ministers are going to meet soon in emergency
session. I urge them to act swiftly and decisively to bring an early end
to this impasse. At the same time, other world leaders must also step up
efforts to support a longer term resolution of the issue.

During the past few days, I have spoken to the principals of the
Quartet, to regional leaders including Prime Minister Olmert, Foreign
Minister Livni, President Abbas, President Mubarak, President Assad,
Prime Minister Siniora, Prime Minister Erdogan and Secretary-General of
the League of Arab States, Amre Moussa, and to a number of other
leaders, in order to underscore the need to restore calm in full. I
shall continue these efforts personally as well as through my envoys in
the field.

I reiterate my call that unhindered access should be ensured for
the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The United Nations, through
the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process
[UNSCO], United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
in the Near East [UNRWA] and other agencies on the ground have been in
continuous contact with all relevant authorities and mobilizing
themselves to provide much needed assistance and alleviate civilian

I expect all parties to fully heed my call. In particular, Israel
must keep opening all border crossings necessary for the continued
provision of humanitarian supplies. Israeli Government leaders have
given me a guarantee that such supplies and personnel would be allowed
entry into Gaza. This cooperation must continue on a rolling basis in
the coming days.

My colleagues, John Holmes, Under-Secretary-General of OCHA
[Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs] in New York, and
Karen Abu Zayd, Commissioner General of UNRWA and Maxwell Gaylard,
Humanitarian Coordinator, UNSCO, through video links, can provide a
further update on the humanitarian situation and our work in the area.

Thank you for your support.

New York, 29 December 2008.

Samstag, Dezember 27, 2008

my heart weeps for Gaza

I don't care who started what when and why. history will never let this place come to quiet, and all involved have failed miserably.

I'm tired of sarcasm and cynicism as well. as it is not possible anymore to close my eyes, I retreat into myself. just, I lost faith in the saying "the first peace with yourself. the second with your neighbour. the third among nations" -

but then again, I have received a wonderful compliment today. I am blessed with many friends and wonderful family, and I am having a great life. I am happy. and today a friend told me in an email, "each mission leaves you with new stars in our constellation/galaxy. like you."

thanks to the many stars in my life. I adore every one of you.

Mittwoch, Dezember 10, 2008

play to help; or; a great pretext to procrastinate

thanks to Peter on the road to the horizon for the link!!

UPDATE: I am on 834 per game now. gotta stop this. btw, am going to las vegas next week!! am somehow scared at my ability to control myself when gambling.....

Donnerstag, Dezember 04, 2008

I feel pleased with that outcome.

We think is written by a man (62%).

this is what I found out using the Gender Analyzer site that Phil from Prac's Blog found somewhere in the world wild web :-) come on Hafez and Worldman and Travel Peter, try your blogs as well. guess with all the articles that Hafez is posting it will be a male outcome...

yeah, how do they want to determine it anyway? style of writing? short speech? being to the point? or even the amount of swear words vs. romantic expressions? I guess then I scored high on the male balance with my last post on Deadwood, though this serie has a beautifully crafted baroque language that is seeking its equal to day... ah I still fall miles short in my attempt to fuckin' brushing up my lingo.

btw, Phil, don't worry. Obama will do a fine job. McCain would have done a fine job as well. both are people that reach out over party boundaries, and both are end of the day not that different in policies - McCain never having been a typical Republican. too bad he chose such a horrible running mate... but anyway, time passes, challenges arise, and it is the job of more than one person to put things right. too bad that one person can fuck up quite a lot on his/her own, though.

good night, and good luck!


I can't believe it! Hafez got a 50% result, saying his blog is gender neutral, while Travel Peter gets 60% female and Worldman 63% female!!! now what is going on here? either the gender analyzer is screwed, or, I'm the only one with balls around here!!!


Dienstag, Dezember 02, 2008

'scuse my ill humour, certain people wear on my fuckin' nerves

I'd love to quote much more of this show... but you have to see it to really bathe in the language, and not just be crude...

this post is about above band of cocksuckers. ha! I just LOVE Al Swearengen. and I love all characters because none of them is a classic flawless hero...

apart from the fact that it isn't TV, it's HBO.... it's also gritty, dirty and foul-mouthed. this is good stuff. I took below from a blog called Vivid Verdicts, kudos for a good synopsis!!

so, Bene, Peter, Peter and Hafez. if you want to know what I am doing, I am working during office hours (or less), go to gym almost daily for at least an hour (this is the most scary habit I've ever acquired in my life), I quit smoking without realising it, but to make it up and not become too much of a saint, I deeply immerse into TV series. Rome, The Wire, The Office, 24, Sopranos, Six Feet Under is all GREAT. but the absolute star is the following:


For fans of: The Godfather, Shakespeare, Robert Altman, The Sopranos, 19th-century literature (...and in pumuckls' opinion: adventure, Wild West, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Zane Grey and strong language...)

What’s it about? A period drama set in the real town of Deadwood, South Dakota in the late 19th century, created by David Milch (NYPD Blue). Although easily labelled as a Western due to its setting, Deadwood has precious few shootouts and no taciturn, upright heroes, except for deeply flawed ones. Rather, it’s a nigh Shakespearean character drama about the creation of communities and the birth of modern America.

Who’s in it? Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard), Ian McShane (Sexy Beast), Molly Parker (The Centre of the World), Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings), Keith Carradine (Nashville), Powers Boothe (Tombstone), and many, many more.

Why it’s great: In its three seasons, Deadwood never fell into the repetitious trap of The Sopranos. The transition of Deadwood from outlaw camp to fledgling town demanding order of itself means that the show and the power relations of its characters had to fundamentally change, best embodied in the legendary performance of Ian McShane as saloon owner and unofficial town overlord Al Swearengen (pumuckl comment: yes!! yes!!! YES!!!), who begins the series as a Western villain but transforms into one of the most nuanced and sympathetic misogynist powermongers ever to grace the screen. Swearengen is out for himself, but is deeply invested in the camp in ways he can’t fathom, and will protect it from incursions and ally with former enemies to do so. Is it pride, or unquenchable human compassion?

The entire cast is sublime, from Molly Parker’s resourceful but haunted Alma Garrett to William Sanderson’s marvellously greasy E.B. Farnum. And despite the renowned language and violence in Deadwood - no show has ever sworn this much, so be warned - it is actually a warm, deeply moral show and hardly a boy’s own affair. This is not David Chase’s stark Sopranos vision of today’s world, explored through its reprehensible though fascinating characters. There are moments of aching poignancy amid Deadwood’s coarseness – a mother desperately running for one last look at her dead son; Swearengen’s guarded inferences about his horrific upbringing - and no show or film has arguably made swearing sound as beautiful as it does here. The baroque, majestic dialogue, littered with profanities, is finer than any television series in history – it’s hard to imagine how the writers had time to consistently craft lines of such profundity. It’s said that every episode of Deadwood must be watched at least twice – once for the story and characterisation, and once just to bask in the language.

Deadwood is a transcendent gem that has scared many off with its harsh and grotty exterior. In truth, you won’t find a more enriching and transporting series. If this were literature, it would have won the Booker, and it’s riveting too.

How much is there? Three seasons of 12 one-hour episodes are all available on DVD. More were planned, but HBO controversially scrapped them due to expense (this has since looked foolish as it was one of their highest-rated shows after The Sopranos, and nothing has come close since). They then promised two TV movies to wrap up the storylines to appease fan and critical outrage but eventually reneged on their word. Thankfully, the resolution is still somewhat satisfying.

Give season one at least 5 episodes before you pass judgement. The first episode barely resembles what’s to come.

Montag, Dezember 01, 2008

giving up this blog

I think I am giving up this blog. I hardly post anymore. guess I'll return to my private diary.

but before that, I just want to half-share a little mean joy of mine.

sometimes, there are persons you are working with that you just don't like. you don't appreciate. some slick arrogant self-righteous people that shine at aperos and are always funny, but in truth are just seriously immature.

if that person is advancing in the same workplace, you just wonder 'why is it nobody sees that s/he is actually not bloddy doing anything but just riding opportunities and making friends with influential people?!'

but sometimes, gloriously, things turn. something happens. the slick arrogant bastard cannot hide incompetence behind jokes anymore. and does NOT get the job.

it feels so fuckin' good. I'm not even trying to justify it saying it's better for organization etc, I just so much enjoy someone not getting what s/he does not deserve. period.