Donnerstag, Oktober 30, 2008

Yes We Can!!

and you gotta read this as well - about Powells endorsement of Barack Obama on Hafez' blog...

and if you have time, see this:

Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2008

Hafez - as of March 2009...

... it will just take the time of two train rides - mine from Bern, yours from Chur :-)

Bond. James Bond.

and I could hear Amy Winehouse sing...

Sonntag, Oktober 26, 2008

now it's getting really complicated...

instead of being politically correct, I just admit publicly that I think this guy who is being interviewed is absolutely HOT. super gorgeous and fantastic in his calm manner when fighting breaks out... and admirable for his cool analysis of the situation.

it is proof once again - we all know it, yet it strikes you again and again - it is ordinary civilians like you and I suffering in such situations. nowhere to move. no way out. no safety.
"we are like a target now"

I've been feeling great all this week in New York, but somehow everything in the US seems a bit unreal to me. All the things one can do here. The fuss that is being made over little issues. the drama around behaviour and morals. a guy having killed his wife and kids and himself after losing all his money at the stock market.

it's difficult to accept all these realities as co-existent, all real, all of the same importance. no wonder God - if there is something like it - does not really care to change much on the world. After all, it is all minor issues if you compare it with the wider universe.

I guess I just need a quantum of solace ;-)

thanks Peter for letting me discover hundreds of interesting posts on your side, incl. above video!

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2008

Georgia on my mind

the caucasian mountains, Katchapouri, erratic politicians. South Ossetia so close but not accessible. sleeping at the cleaning lady's place because the office was full already, communicating to local drivers who know everything except for the little of obstacle of not having a common language. a field spirit of friendship and comradery above all organisational boundaries. the true meaning of protection, the real UN philosophy, true leadership, the usual gap between field and capital. high level delegations being touched by the humane approach. IDPs first shouting at you when arriving from war-zones - desperate to get some assistance, in the end hugging you and thanking for the work and inviting you to their home where they can return to. tomato and cucumber salad, with loads of vodka and tchatcha. friendship across educational, cultural and human boundaries. shaping a response for people in need and the knowledge to contribute to alleviation of civilian suffering.

"we came with a smile, we left with a smile"

and then losing all pictures because on home leave in Switzerland, some bloody Swiss thief snatches my handbag with my camera inside. what to do. it is all there, in my mind :-)