Donnerstag, Juni 12, 2008

George Carlin on Global Warming

some interesting thoughts. not all to agree, not all conclusions very logical or sound, and the public is ... well, it is what society in general is. easy-believing and not very reflective. well, it's comedy after all :-)

Mittwoch, Juni 11, 2008

summer break

the heat wave in NY broke. wow. it's only 31 degrees celsius today, which seems actually nice and almost cool!

just wanted to let you know that I'll be gone for a couple weeks. first to an emergency training in Norway - 10 days of robbing thru mud and being hijacked (at least that is what I expect!) - then a short weekend in Basel, then 10 days in Spain with my parents in their lovely villa, BBQ, sun, reading, sleeping, maybe some swimming, and then the wedding of a long-time friend of mine in Davos.

I'll be back to duty station July 16.

that is, if no emergency takes place beforehand. I'll be on the UNHCR roster as of July 1st, for the duration of 6 months, so if need arises, I might just get a phone call and within 72 hours I'll be on the ground where it is needed, for a 2 - 3 months mission.

I hope need arises!!!!!!!!!!!! preferably late August, though ;-)

have a great summer. I'll be reachable on facebook, gmail and my Swiss phone.

Sonntag, Juni 08, 2008

cystitis expert

if I'm an expert on one sickness/condition, it is cystitis. blasenentzuendung. when you feel like you have to go to the loo every 5 minutes, and fearing to go because it is pure torture - burning, and somehow a feeling of breaking, as if your intestines are leaking out.... nice, isn't it?

I usually feel a little burn and then I just know, I have like 12 hours to see a doctor and get antibiotics. if I don't manage within that time, "there will be blood" - in the urine, a sure sign that it is a pretty heavy infection.

I was lucky. of course I felt in on a Saturday evening when going to bed, and woke up with the full-blown infection on Sunday. New York, New York - the only doctors you find working on Sunday are the ones in the Emergency Rooms of the hospitals. and getting antibiotics without a prescription in the US? it's easier to get a rifle.

but well, it was not the worst experience ever. I really loved the staff at Mount Sinai hospital today - all funny and friendly. despite being in pain I couldn't help cracking jokes all the time. the clerk at the desk was delighted to point out that I have birthday on the same day as Barack Obama: August 4.

what I really loved, they give you the first dose of the pill you need right in hospital. way cool. and luckily all pharmacies are open 24/7, so once you have your prescription you are taken care of.

so not like last time I had cystitis. it's been a while, it was in Afghanistan. I had antibiotics but no pain killers. and you are supposed to drink a lot and, drinking or not, you run to the toilet all 5 minutes (better drink, otherwise it hurts even more and it will take longer to heal). and I had to travel. so I was at the airport in Herat. it was another suicide bomb threat day. on the airport. I could not have cared less. the toilet was miserable - the kind where you take one deep breath before entering - and wishing you could do that world record kinda thing of holding your breath. I was looking fwd to the airplane. UNHAS - united nations humantarian air service. but it was not my lucky day... the toilet was out of order. at least the flight Herat - Kabul only takes about an hour. or more?

sigh. Afghanistan. I'm getting so used to New York. I develop roots here. I even started thinking if I should not start looking for a job in NYC once my contract is up with UNHCR.... but this seems like selling out my dreams. still, the thought is here. but right now I'm on drugs, enjoying the impact a little pill can have on life quality, and not worrying about a thing. bless living in the developed world.