Montag, Mai 19, 2008

putting things into perspective II

ha! ha!! hahaha.... omg... apart from the fact that I do get totally americanized over here - having steak and fries for brunch in a diner... saying stuff like "whatever, like, OMG!!!" (well that not too much) but I start calling salespersons and cute security guys and any person on the street/shop "honey - sweetheart - cutie" - I do smarten myself up with and now know expressions in english I couldnt even translate into my mother tongue - holla back, dude - anyway.

what I do not know coz it is not in my genes is how NOT to use the microwave. no, I did not put a cat in it (I dont have one, that's why). but I did put the chinese left-overs in that carton box with the metal handle into it. next time I looked, the fucking box was a sea of flames and fully on fire.

ok. learnt another lesson. metal apparently sparks (*blush*) and maybe I should re-install the fire alarm I took off the other day :-D

Mittwoch, Mai 14, 2008

putting problems into perspective

Maged, my friend and host in NYC during my first weeks of arrival, is still in a coma - almost 6 months now. his condition is stable, he's just not there... thinking of u, dude...

a good colleague at work, blessed with a cute daughter and pregnant with a baby to come to see this racked-off world around July, is going through tough times as her husband developed a headache, then a migraine, to be discovered it is blood leaking into his brain, probably from a blow to the head somewhen in the past - maybe during a hockey game? he is undergoing second emergency brain surgery today/tomorrow.

thousands of people - survivors - in desperate conditions in Myanmar try to brace for another potential cyclone.

today is Nakba.

ach ja... jeder ist sich selbst der Naechste...

me, I am having a fantastic time, all in all. and hope that by being there for friends in need and working on humanitarian issues, I can brighten the day of some people if not with my work, then with my smile :-)

my new glasses!!!

Mittwoch, Mai 07, 2008

some pictures just hit you.

For the lost sons and daughters of war
we can only swear
on our sacred honor
that we will never forget their courageous sacrifice,
and pray
that theirs may
be the last.

Sonntag, Mai 04, 2008

ooops - am developing roots

I realised it tonight.

when u go to this bar, where the barkeeper knows you and greets u with a special smile. when realise that everytime u showed up so far was with a different man by your side (lol - not gonna change that soon... too many great things r being offered ;-)

I do develop roots in NYC. how could one not? it's such a great city. you just get it all. and i realised tonight... I was thinking about my application to the UNHCR emergency roster. this thing, where - if I am accepted and pass the training course - they would call me at any point in time and withing 72 hours I would find myself in a emergency setting for 2 - 3 months.

I have to do it.

I have to.

otherwise I just might find myself living in a comfort zone...

the most romantic feelings in my life are those towards my career. career standing for truly getting to know this world, the crappy sides of it, and still enjoying every second of it.

coz, I know. I know that I enjoy things normal people would not appreciate. even the people living in such places don't.

am I an adrenaline junkie?

I guess, yes. and I want to get out of NYC before I become to used to living comfortably and having anything around me. it's so decadent. and i enjoy decadency.... but I need the balance on the other side.

life is a funny thing.

big hugs to you, my friends. especially Hafez, Worldman, Road to the Horizon, Cairo and Serena. wish we could all together meet in some bar sometimes.

Freitag, Mai 02, 2008

Wort zum Sonntag

The power of accurate observation is

commonly called cynicism by those

who haven't got it.

George Bernard Shaw

protracted situations

a protracted refugee situation is one in which refugees find themselves in a long-lasting and intractable state of limbo.

Their lives may not be at risk, but their basic rights and essential economic, social and psychological needs remain unfulfilled after years in exile. A refugee in this situation is often unable to break free from enforced reliance on external assistance.

as most complex problems do, also protracted refugee situations stem from political impasses. They are not inevitable, but are rather the result of political action and inaction, both in the country of origin (the persecution or violence that led to flight) and in the country of asylum.

we are talking more than 5 million individuals.

over 1 mio Afghan refugees in Pakistan
nearly 1 mio Afghan refugees in Iran
350'000 Burundians in Tanzania
215'000 Sudanese in Uganda
174'000 Somalis in Kenya
157'000 Eritreans in Sudan
132'000 refugees from Myanmar in Thailand
128'000 Congolese (DRC) in Tanzania
107'000 Bhutanese in Nepal

so please, stop complaining about the couple hundreds asylum-seekers in your western developed privileged country. stop saying "the boat is full". stop complaining about worsening security and that you can't leave your handbag open on the chair next to you while talking at the phone looking in the opposite direction. stop whining about "asylum-seekers", making it sound like a swear word, instead of the proud refuge and safe haven meaning it actually has.