Montag, November 26, 2007

the beatings continue until moral improves

I don't recommend the movie "No Country for Old Men". it is well done and good, but sometimes I just can't stand the low-level but so evil and excessive violence. violence in a non-bloody, non-gruesome way. just killing people because they happen to be there. without thought before, during or after. without making a big deal of it, and without big mess. totally insane. totally sad.

and what do you do if a friend of you gets verbally abused in her relationship, and it crossed the line to physical violence in one case? smooth it over, like she does? or point out that she deserves better? support her no matter what she does, even if you think it is not right? what do you do?? what action do you take? when it would be so convenient to forget, to neglect, to downplay it. but what is the role of friend, bystander, family?

Freitag, November 23, 2007

I am startled. or is it, like, apalled?

Thanksgiving is a nice holiday. it's all about stuffing turkeys and eating them in company. it's about sharing and spending time and money together... hehe...

and of course it is also another parade. this time financed by MACY'S (the huge department store)

it was yesterday. and today is BLACK FRIDAY. where hard-core shopper (not a rarity) queue outside the shop from 3am onwards. they do. because shops open from 9 to midnight that day, but if u r not in by 9, my god, this gift of the year might be gone!! GONE!!!!

and what would you do if the gift of the year is gone? give your empty cart to a homeless person, I guess.

online shopper experts recommend you not to let your cart unattended as other shoppers might snatch it away... and people tell that "enemy-shopper" grab really wanted items out of your cart right under your eyes.

the U.S. of A. (as Borat says so nicely) are deeply disturbed shopping-addicts.

or, as Obelix would say, ils sont fous, ces cretes... ces iberiens... ces bretons.... this melting pot!

Dienstag, November 20, 2007

senz' una donna

another hero to come

sometimes when you are not so happy, slightly pissed off, and just a bit edgy-quirky, all it takes is a good movie: BEOWULF!

good might be a too big word, but it is definitely made in an interesting way that does remind you of Shrek at times... it is about big topics like pride and warriors and kingdom and responsibility, in an era where not everything was gender-mainstreamed and politically whitewashed. nice monsters. nice mothers of monsters. and movie that makes for some good laughs, as it is like a parody at times.

Donnerstag, November 15, 2007

filthy little friends (nooo, am not getting desperate!)

right. am back to my happily sucking bed companions.

the EXTERMINATOR Alberto fell in love with me over the phone. and over having seen my studio, I guess. not because it promises richness, but because I had a lot of NYC condoms lying around (I am focal point for HIV/AIDS and just got a thousand of them).

well, all I can say is, stay tuned! I have a cleaning weekend ahead of me. and will then share my newly acquired wisdom of exterminating bed bugs (still in process)

and hey, thanks for all the comments on my blog and in real life!

it reminded me once more that I should be careful on what I publish (there is this one compromising photo I actually would like to see online...!)

Montag, November 05, 2007

I'm really embarrassed

and disgusted... I was not sleeping alone for the last weeks: I have fucking freaking disgusting BETTWANZEN!!!!! bugs in my bed!

New York ist eine Kloake.

in my bed!!! so I slept on my couch last night after this discovery. did not really sleep of course. and arranged today to have the mattress and bed disposed, the studio thoroughly cleaned. it should all take its course already.... I am so disgusted and honestly, I do feel embarrassed.

like a little filthy messy person.

thanks God I can go home tomorrow for a week. escape 'em all....!

song of the day:

auf der mauer auf der lauer sitzt ne kleine wanze
auf der mauer auf der lauer sitzt ne kleine wanze
sieh dir mal die wanze an, wie die wanze tanzen kann
auf der mauer auf der lauer sitzt ne kleine wanze

(freakin' stay on you goddam fuckin wall next time!)

Freitag, November 02, 2007

dehaim :-)

nid eso scheen wie die griene, aber es git trotzdaem vorfreud uf dehaim!