Dienstag, August 28, 2007

how to pronounce Basel

so many people apparently search for how to prounounce basel via google and others, and land on my blog. I guess I have to answer it - for whatever reason you want to know, be it the FCB (ole, ole, oleoleee), Basel II (a financial instrument to keep our banks not just giving away all our money) or - or - just curiosity???

it is not Bay-Sul. say it Baaaah-sel. the "a" is german, has to sound as the o in love, a bit more open and clear, not so "o" like. the emphasis is on the a - it is pretty long. in fact, most other swiss german speaker laugh about the Baaaaasel people because we tend to stress this aaaaa. the -sel is almost just "sl".

it now probably sounds like one of those soccer fans, third generation, ue super Bossel - so what ;-)

comments are welcome... this post proofed to be more difficult than I thought!


Hafez hat gesagt…

"You re from Switzerland?"
Which city? Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne? Luzzzzern?
No, I am from Chur?
From... ???
Chur, C H U R,..
AH, is this next to Zurich...?

No,...Ah,...Yes, its about 1.5 hours from Zurich

Ah, I ve been there ...in Zurich, nice place!
Whats the name of your place?
C H U R!
Ah, I am sure, thats like Zurich...
Yes it is, exactly like Zurich..

pumuckl hat gesagt…

where r u from?


ooooh, beautiful! I know Sweden, great country.

yes, it is. (sigh) but say, this flag with stars and stripes hanging everywhere, does it mean anything?


Hafez hat gesagt…

Stockholm, Right?